RDRSU (Rapid Deploy Remote Surveillance Unit)


When you anticipate the need to detect trespassers, vehicles, vessels, or drones. With a rugged, transportable trailer assembly and 25' mast as the base platform, the RDRSU comes standard with an integrated radar system, a thermal camera, a color camera, and wireless encrypted Ethernet radios.

Ideal for immediate requirements for wide area surveillance. The RDRSU sets up in 30 minutes. This turn-key day/night surveillance system allows its users to remotely access and control the cameras via an optional wireless data link or have us monitor it at our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). Configured to be Internet Ready, RDRSU is web accessible using an internet browser. Multiple RDRSU units can be networked together in either linear or perimeter arrays for added coverage.

Intended for rapidly changing surveillance needs. The RDRSU is a relocatable unit designed for guarding borders, oil fields, pipeline observation, seaports, airports, and safeguarding personnel. It is American made and is only offered within the U.S.A.

Can also be used for temporary needs that involve very expensive assets, like construction sites and very large ranches. Tower mounted versions available for permanent and semi-permanent deployments.

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