RSIM-C4 (Remote Surveillance Information Management through C4)

Command and Control Systems – Remote Surveillance Information Management through C4 (RSIMC4)

RSIMC4 is specifically designed to enable decision-makers to rapidly aggregate information from disparate sources, identify adverse conditions, quickly determine and test different responsive actions, and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of those actions. RSIMC4 fuses knowledge of current operational status with powerful consequence analysis functionality, delivering a real time geospatial framework that provides unparalleled command and control functionality.

The RSIMC4 software suite, including interactive dashboards and analytical frameworks, provides the capability for the end-user to direct the use of the system for specific usage scenarios by selecting the sources of data to provide the system, and by enabling or adding to the functionality of the tools to be used within the system. In addition to the tools that are packaged with RSIMC4 the software features an open architecture that can be extended by incorporating third-party tools to address specific needs of the end-user, thus enabling the end-user to customize the system using the best available technologies from multiple sources.

The RSIMC4 system incorporates robust role-based access controls (RBAC) and includes an operationally proven suite of tools that facilitate the ability to: collect, process, organize and store data; share and collaborate on information; create and store ICS forms and Operations Plans; manage incidents and events; process real-time input from multiple locations and multi-tiered users; identify the full extent of interdependencies and cascading impacts; manage and track personnel, assets, and equipment; optimize and track the progress of response and recovery actions; and publish up to the minute situation reports. These RSIMC4 platform capabilities fully support actual operations, exercise scenarios and training programs.

Our RSIMC4 system utilizes the Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS™) software as its backbone. TACCS™ by Priority 5 is also offered directly to our customers independent of our Remote Surveillance product line. TACCS™ has been deployed at the federal, state, and regional levels supporting a diverse base of public and private sector client needs and is the backbone of IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management.

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