Press Release – AIC Awarded Important Airport Security Project

December 13, 2016 – American Integration Contractors, LLC (AIC) has been awarded a contract to install one of its integrated security bundles at an unnamed airport along the Gulf of Mexico and which services the oil and gas sector.  This deployment has a homeland security focus coupled with other important base operations features such as bird flock detection and ADS-B monitoring. Although AIC has been installing and servicing key security components in this marketspace, this will be AIC’s first radar installation at an airport.

Craig Noel, AIC’s CEO states “AIC is proud to play such an important role in another vital homeland security project. Our custom deployments with integrated security bundles tied into robust command and control systems have proven to be best-in-class. We look forward to this important initial step toward AIC applying those innovative technologies for airport security.”

AIC is a proven systems integrator with a focus on applying innovative technologies for homeland security. You can learn more about AIC at AIC is a leading installer of DMT Radars and earlier this year was awarded their Central USA Dealer of the Year. AIC’s integrated security bundles are featured in detail at a Division of AIC focused on border security.waterside-airport-930x330-1

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