Command and Control Systems

Our system provides a net-centric, common operating platform, for complete integration of all security and operational data, simulation, and tools.  Users from remote locations collaborate in real-time through workgroups.  Each workgroup brings all the integrated capabilities of the system into a true live collaborative environment for optimal command/control.

Our technology improves efficiency and performance through:

  • Situational awareness including operational status shared by all command levels (workstation, tablet, and cell phone interfaces)
  • Incident management including real time event forensics (event file temporal mode)
  • Evaluation of alternative strategies and tactics (what if analysis)
  • Leveraging intel by recognizing evolving threats (automated alerts)
  • Optimizing effectiveness of limited resources (decision support tool)
  • Identification of high risk locations (mission status and threat monitoring)


Ready to find out more?

See our C-4 platform demonstrate its unique consequence analysis capability.

Rapid Deployed Mobile Solutions

Because security needs are an ever-changing environment, detection sensors and command posts often have to be mobile in an effort to optimize overall security in order for the mission to be accomplished. Our mobile solutions sets can get to the area quickly and report back to command within minutes.

Relocatable Sensors

Our large pool of expert technicians coupled with our relocatable sensor solution sets such as our pull-behind trailers, skid units and custom-fitted patrol units makes Border Wall Security uniquely positioned to service rapidly-changing border security needs. We understand that changes in entry paths and entry methods calls for flexible sensor solutions sets that can be deployed on the fly and we stand ready to meet those needs.

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