About Us

Our Story

BorderWallSecurity is wholly owned by American Integration Contractors, LLC (AIC) and was founded by former first responders with a strong background in criminal interdiction and a passion for technology deployments that greatly enhance responses to security events.

The desire for a more secure America and our deep interest in innovative technologies designed to enhance situational awareness and improve wide area surveillance led us to form a division of our company with a single focus of improving border security. Our leadership has designed systems from single security camera systems deployments to complex integrated security radar projects and have an impeccable reputation within the security industry.


Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach toward design and deployment of robust border security systems aimed at detection, deterrence, data aggregation and information sharing.

Meet our Leadership

Former Law Enforcement Officers with a Passion for Securing our Homeland


Craig Noel

Founder & CEO

Craig is the Chief Executive Officer of American Integration Contractors, LLC. He has founded several security firms during the past twenty five years and has a passion for security technologies.

Craig is a retired police officer and was recognized with the Law Officer of the Year Award by several prestigious associations for his outstanding achievements in law enforcement. Craig has worked as an investigator, intelligence officer and training officer during his career in that field. His background in law enforcement, coupled with his knowledge in custom delivery of advanced electronic security technologies to first responders has allowed him to assist with the development of unique and important technical deployments.


Todd Mouton

Chief Operations Officer

Todd is the Chief Operating Officer of American Integration Contractors, LLC with a strong tactical background in law enforcement.

Todd is a purple heart recipient and has attained a wealth of police and fire awards including a coveted life savings award. Todd has over 16 years experience in S.W.A.T. Team Tactics. He was an Adjunct Instructor for such basic / in-service topics as Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Investigation, and Patrol Operations. He is cross-trained and experienced in U.S. Custom’s Blue Lightning Operations and served as a sworn Special Deputy of the U.S. Marshall’s Office for tactical responses / high risk apprehensions.  He completed training and served as U.S. Army Combat Military Police Officer

Next Steps...

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