Smarter Border Technologies

Integrated Radar Bundles

Fully integrated radar system with visual enhancements. When enormous areas of land or water need monitoring, traditional surveillance technologies suffer from serious shortcomings. If the area is too large, then the infrastructure costs can skyrocket. And in many cases, conventional technologies  just can’t get the job done. That’s precisely why our radar-and-camera solutions are chosen to cover massive areas from a single point.

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True Interoperable Environment

We achieve comprehensive real-time interoperability through data aggregation and information sharing. Our technology is delivered via a proven geospatial platform which improves daily operations and generates cost savings while providing Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C-4i) for decision support. It has been deployed at the federal, state, and regional levels supporting a diverse base of public and private sector client needs.

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Proven Remote Deployment

We install systems in any environment! No infrastructure is needed. Our solutions are often installed where there is no AC power and no hard-wired communications. No environment is too harsh. Although we are limiting our complete system to US deployments, our field sensors have been tested across the globe; from the frigid cold in Norway to the Saudis Arabian deserts to the high winds of Gulf Coast hurricanes our technology passes the tests year after year.

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100% American Made and Only Installed in the USA


Our technologies are award-winning, internationally-recognized, unique and above all are PROVEN. We have tested systems in applications that often times are first to market. Cutting-edge technologies with best of class applications. These are the best of breed systems and are solely available to governmental agencies for the protection of the US borders and coastal regions as well as privately held properties in those regions.




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